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High voltage vacuum circuit breaker in the detection process

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High voltage vacuum circuit breaker (hv vacuum circuit breaker) is widely used in various distribution networks due to its small size and light weight, and there is no need to carry out professional maintenance during the whole operation process, and frequent operation will not cause damage to this kind of circuit breaker.
Although such high voltage vacuum circuit breakers are not required to be maintained in daily use, they usually need to be tested and maintained every year to ensure the normal operation of the power equipment and delay its real service life. In the process of testing, it is necessary to conduct a professional test on the fracture resistance of the tube used, so as to test its real vacuum value, etc., and record it.
In the process of detection, in addition to its use of pipe test, still need to equipment of insulated parts or circuit breaker open distance and other fittings are all need to test, in order to prevent its daily life after can be in running, and the safe and stable, for testing after nonconforming need timely maintenance or exchange, etc.
For those high-voltage vacuum circuit breakers that are used in areas where the current is too large, the relevant components such as dc resistance in the equipment should be specifically tested, and the test results should be recorded to facilitate their management and maintenance in the future.
After the annual inspection of the hv vacuum circuit breaker, it needs to operate it in no-load for 8-10 times before normal operation. This no-load process can help the operator or technical personnel to carry out the final inspection, so as to ensure the stability and safety in the future use.
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