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The function and significance of high voltage vacuum circuit

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High voltage vacuum circuit breaker is the circuit breaker that USES vacuum as insulation and arc extinguishing. Its components include: vacuum arc extinguishing chamber, operating mechanism (there are two ways of electromagnetic operating mechanism and spring operating mechanism), bracket and other parts. Due to its advantages such as small size, less pollution and convenient operation, as well as its improvement of contact breaking ability, reduction of contact damage and high reliability, it is widely used in the construction of power grid and plays the role of controlling and protecting high-voltage equipment in the operation process.
With the rapid development of the economy, people are pursuing the improvement of the quality of life, while the demand for electricity consumption is also increasing. In order to improve the quality of electricity and reduce unnecessary losses caused by power failure due to high load, high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker is used in the power grid to cut or connect the circuit in normal operation. Secondly, some accidents will inevitably occur in the operation of the power grid. After the accident, we can cooperate with the line protection device to cut off the accident point quickly, so as to ensure the normal operation of the line except the accident and avoid the impact of the accident, thereby reducing economic losses.
In the operation of the power grid, in order to avoid equipment ageing, reduce the happening of the accident, need regular maintenance on the equipment and maintenance, high voltage vacuum circuit breaker in the maintenance of pollution-free, with low cost and simple operation, long service life, the running effect is good, guarantee the safe operation, although the cost is higher, but with more than similar products in the operation of the maintenance times, as well as large amount of work, compared to its advantages, it is easier to meet social needs, and as the priority in the power grid operation and equipment update products.
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