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What are the operational considerations of the high voltage

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What are the operational considerations of the high voltage isolation switch?
1) distance in high voltage isolating switch and circuit breaker and adopt mechanical interlocking has difficulty, high voltage isolating switch lock with a key, can be stored in a circuit breaker or in the circuit breaker control switch handle operation, only after the brake circuit breaker points, to remove the key to open the corresponding isolation switch, avoid carrying load switch;
2) install a mechanical interlock device with grounding wire at the operating mechanism of the high-voltage isolation switch. Before the grounding wire is removed, the isolation switch cannot be closed.
3) during maintenance, the high-voltage isolation switch with grounding knife should be carefully checked to ensure that the mechanical interlock device between the main blade and the grounding knife is good, and the grounding knife should be opened first when the main blade is closed.
4) mechanical interlocks should be installed between the high-voltage disconnecting switch and the circuit breaker. Usually connecting rod mechanism is adopted to ensure that the disconnecting switch cannot open when the circuit breaker is in the closing position;
5) use the auxiliary contact on the operating mechanism of oil circuit breaker to control the electromagnetic lock, so that the electromagnetic lock can lock the operating handle of the high-voltage isolation switch, and ensure that the operating handle of the high-voltage isolation switch cannot be operated before the circuit breaker is disconnected.

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