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FZN25-12 The vacuum load switch

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The main purpose:
FZN25 and FZRN25 type vacuum load switch and combination electric appliance, three-phase ac 50 hz or ring network terminal equipment, power supply and industrial utilization and used as load control and short circuit protection, load switch points load, closed loop current, no-load transformer and cable charging electric current. Combination can open break till any current of rated short circuit current. Using direct acting isolation clearance and vacuum arcing chamber linkage. Have the function of manual and electric.
FZN25 and FZRN25 unique transmission structure design, arcing chamber only at the instant of the close and open circuit under high pressure, therefore, small volume, light weight. FZN25 and FZRN25 can achieve disposable isolation clearance and arcing chamber operation.
FNZ25 and FZRN25 in static contact and moving contact between coils with grounding grounding switch valve, not only ensure the safe and convenient for maintenance.

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