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FN12-24D Indoor high voltage load switch

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The main purpose:
FN12-24 (D) / 630-20 indoor ac high voltage load switch (hereinafter referred to as FN12-24 (D) load switch) is 24 kv rated voltage, rated frequency 50 hz three-phase ac high voltage switch equipment, used to share the load current, closed loop current, no-load transformer and cable charging electric current and close short circuit current, grounding switch of load switch, can withstand short-circuit current.
FN12 24 (RD) / 125-31.5 - type indoor ac high voltage load switch and fuse combination electric appliance (hereinafter referred to as FN12-24 (RD), combination is FN12-24 (D) load switch with S/LAJ - 24 (XRNT - - 24) high pressure limit current fuse together indoor high voltage switch equipment. Of it can be reliable open till any current of rated short circuit breaking current, load switch open circuit working current, the fuse breaking short circuit current, the joint between the open circuit working current and the short circuit current any over-current, at the same time, through the impactor made load switch, fuse brake.
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